Kindness has been deeply misunderstood.

Kindness is not weak or passive; it is not all sweetness and light. Kindness is actually among our greatest sources of strength and resilience.

We’ve evolved to be kind because kindness increases the social connection and mutual reliance that allow us not only to survive, but to thrive. It gives us tools to see the world through another’s eyes, act meaningfully in that world, and create and collaborate more effectively. When we leverage kindness, we become more effective leaders, problem solvers, and citizens. It is the linchpin 21st century skill.

At the same time, we are depleting our ability to cultivate kindness by the ways in which we work, play, raise our children, use technology, share information, and interact with others. This impoverishment of our social-emotional selves limits our potential as citizens of the 21st century.

This blog describes the Kindness Map, exploring ideas about the power of kindness, why we can and should build our intrinsic kindness, how to navigate the world using kindness as a guiding principle, and how kindness transforms individuals and societies – whether your goal is a successful business, a culture of inclusiveness, a happier family life, or a greater understanding of technology’s impact on our lives.